Search/Print Reports

In this section the user can search or print the record. For printing, the user needs to export the file into .pdf format except when using internet explorer. For example, an invigilator wants to search his own record; the following steps need to be taken.
1. Select the academic year
2. Select the semester.
3. Select the name from the invigilator dropdown menu. If the name is not present in menu it means that there is no record for this invigilator for selected year and semester.

If the following invigilator wants to print the report, he needs to click on the print report button, however if the invigilator wants to print the report with location he need to check the location. Please explore different options by selecting semester and year. The following report shows result with the location

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Manage Records

In Manage Record the Admin can perform different tasks, For example adding new module, invigilator, and new exam including invigilators and locations associated with that exam. For example adding new exam the admin need following steps.
1. Select the module from dropdown list, if the desired module is not there please add that module by going to add subject.
2. Select the semester and academic year, if the semester and academic year is not there please add it by going to add multiple record section.
3. Select the date
4. Press add exam.

This leads you to a new screen where you can change exam detail, add/delete invigilator to exam and location.

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Manage Members

The manage member option allows the admin to manage the role of members. It also allows the admin to approve new members, delete members and unlock members. Members get locked out if they enter the incorrect password more than five times. To approve a new member and assign roles the admin needs to do the following steps.
1. Go to the manage member role from manage member.
2. Select the tab manage member role and select the member from drop down list.
3. Select or unselect the options.

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